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CRM - Customer relationship management

CRM is a set of tools used by companies to create a strategy that will contribute to the development of better relationships with their customers.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a strategy that companies use to manage and analyze customer engagement data. This may sound complicated, but the essence lies in effective sharing common resources (customer information) within a company. CRM allows the alignment of business strategies, organizational structure and company culture.

This term is more commonly referred to as applications and software that represent a central customer base, in which all collaboration data is linked. The use of the system provides a clear overview of your clients, that is, organized information about complete customer interaction, available at one place and at any time. You can easily follow-up on all the employees work and speed up customer service.


Software structure

CRM is modular software that is created based on client needs. The modules also depend on the structure of the company itself.

The list of relevant factors is quite extensive, which is why any new implementation of CRM software differs from previous ones.

The preconditions for successful implementation are the visions that are created at the highest level of organization and cover the entire business. Defining guidelines for further cooperation with clients and creating the right strategy is necessary to accomplish tasks. CRM takes financial goals into account and business company strategy, upgrades marketing strategy, determines how the strategy will gain customer trust and build profitable relationships with them. CRM enables a customer's product or service to fully adjust to the potential consumer.

CRM is a cloud-based technology which enables access to all devices connected to the Internet. No installation or special technical conditions are required on devices, Internet is all that is needed.


Why do we need CRM?

It provides automated access to information, eliminates any mismatches, and it gives all the information about the client. CRM applications are based on sharing information about clients within one company. That way "connected" sectors can coordinate their actions and build a good relationship with the client. The end result is a long-term profit for both the company and the client.

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